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For posting information about your Sept 2020, Issue 19 please see the full product description. All Gift Subscription orders placed now will start with the December 2020 Issue.

The Happy Newspaper is a newspaper which only celebrates positive news and wonderful people. You can now sign up for our annual Gift subscription for a friend, loved one or special person to receive a little piece of sunshine through their letterbox four times over the next year.

The Gift Subscription is for four issues, one every three months for 12 months. A small generic gift card (gift cards cannot be personalised or notes included) will be included with their first newspaper;  we have ‘cut-off’ dates for each issue (see below) so therefore, your recipient may not receive their newspaper straight away after. placing your order. Please bear this in mind when ordering for Christmas and birthdays and check the dates and details below before placing your order as we know these things can get a little confusing.

This subscription will NOT renew and will automatically cancel after 12 months, if you’d like to continue the subscription you will need to sign up again after the 12 months. Your recipient will be be sent a reminder with their final issue that their gift subscription is ending.

Please do not address a gift subscription to yourself, you can subscribe for yourself here. If you would like the first copy sending to you, please pop your name in BOTH billing and shipping, then email us after you place the order with the recipients details for the remaining issues.

Choose UK if you are located in the UK, or Worldwide for everywhere else. The newspaper is exactly the same for everyone, this is just so we know where we’re shipping to!



All subscription orders placed between 26 May to 25 August 2020 were shipped Sept 1st. Some will turn up before others simply because of the nature of the global postal system. We cannot tell you when your newspaper will arrive as once we post them it’s very much out of our control. But we can promise you we will be posting each and every one of them and no one who signed up before August 25th GMT midnight has been missed.

Sign up to an annual subscription of The Happy News for a friend, loved one or simply to donate a subscription to one of your favourite people/places. They will receive a little piece of sunshine (in the form of The Happy Newspaper!) through their letterbox four times over the next 12 months.

Once you’ve subscribed they will receive the next issue of The Happy Newspaper (see cut-off dates below)

Specification stuff:
– 32 pages

– Full Colour/Illustrated

– No boring adverts

– Suitable and loved by ALL ages

– Stitched and trimmed which makes it easier for the young and elderly as it doesn’t fall apart

– 270mm x 350mm

– White, 54 GSM stock (basically not rubbish grey newsprint which only lasts 24 hours – I want The Happy Newspaper to last for as long as possible so it can be shared around and left for people to read)

– Published and posted once every three months, please bear that in mind when ordering for birthdays and Christmas.

Here are the’cut-off’ dates for the next 4 issues:

Issue 18– all subscriptions ordered after February 25 2020 and before May 25 2020 will receive Issue 18 – to be published 1 June 2020 and will be posted the following two weeks.

Issue 19  – all subscriptions ordered after May 25 2020 and before August 25 2020 will receive Issue 19 – to be published 1 Sept 2020 and will be posted the following two weeks.

Issue 20 – all subscriptions ordered after August 25 2020  and before November 25 2020 will receive Issue 20 –  to be published 1 Dec 2020 and posted during the following 2 weeks.

Issue 21 – all subscriptions ordered after November 25 2020  and before February 25 2021 will receive Issue 21 –  to be published 1 Mar 2021 and posted during the following two weeks.

Your payment is for all four newspapers (including postage). Once you have subscribed, they will receive the NEXT edition of The Happy Newspaper, and then 3 more across a whole year! By adding this item to your basket and completing your order you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. Please ensure you have read these before completing your order. Please see our FAQ for any questions or queries you may have.

Address Changes: please note if you send us an address change for a Subscription or a Gift Subscription please ensure you do so before the 25th of the month prior to publication otherwise it will not get processed in time.  We do not acknowledge Address Changes under any circumstances, but please be assured they all get processed!

If you wish the first copy to come to you please put YOUR address in both billing and shipping and then send us an email with the recipient’s details for the remaining issues.  We will not reply to the email but we will process the instruction and ensure this takes place.

A small generic gift card will be included with the first newspaper, we have ‘cut-off’ dates for each issue (see above) so therefore, your recipient may not receive their newspaper straight away after placing your order. Gift Cards cannot be personalised and personalised notes cannot be added to orders.

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UK only, Worldwide