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About The Happy Newspaper

The Happy Newspaper celebrates all that’s good in the world; a platform to share positive news and wonderful people. The first issue launched in December 2015 thanks to 73 people who pledged towards a Kickstarter campaign, which ended up reaching the target of £500 in just two days. Since then, The Happy Newspaper has been released quarterly, containing happy news which has been collected over a period of three months.

The newspaper itself is a 32-page publication organised chronologically, with news articles arranged month by month. Not only is the paper packed with only positive stories from across the globe, it also has an entire section dedicated to our Everyday Heroes. These are people, groups or organisations who YOU have nominated to feature in the paper because they add a little bit of sunshine to the world (or your world). To find out more and to nominate, click here! Not only that, we also feature articles based around a theme (previous issues include; empathy, loneliness, unity, opportunity) as well as gathering content on lifestyle, showbiz, travel, food and more.

As you may have noticed, this is not your typical newspaper. Its purpose is not to deliver sad or terrifying news to your doorstep, which you might read once and then throw away. Its sole purpose is to share and celebrate positive, uplifting stories that are often overlooked. For many people, understanding the idea behind the newspaper is one thing, but experiencing what a difference it makes to see and read solely positive articles is another.

The whole thing began as a very small idea in the whirlwind brain of Emily Coxhead, who began to realise the effect that the news was having on her when she was going through a difficult time herself. With a little extra help from a tiny but wonderful team The Happy News became a much bigger ‘thing’. The newspaper is still being directed, designed and illustrated by Emily in the world’s tiniest office in a little village in North West England… but has now been read by over 12,000 subscribers in 33 different countries each quarter!

The Happy News by Emily Coxhead also spans across colourful greeting cards, products and books all lovingly and individually designed by Emily, featuring her recognisable colourful illustrations and quirky handwriting.

We want to shed some light on this world we’re living in and remind people just how much good stuff happens in the world; we honestly think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. This is the simple reason why we created the Happy Newspaper; to celebrate the Everyday Heroes, the people who don’t expect to be praised for what they do on a day-to-day basis, those who have turned horrific events into a time to be proud of humanity, the people who didn’t help somebody else to go viral on Facebook but because they make us believe this world has the potential to be better.

About The Creator

Founder, director, creator, designer, illustrator, promoter and occasionally postman of ‘The Happy Newspaper’.
But also cookie maker, author, photographer, tea drinker, greeting card designer and other happy-thing-maker.
26-years-old from a little village in Lancashire, Emily’s aim is to ‘sprinkle a tiny bit of happiness all over the planet’. @emilycoxhead 


Illustration portrait of Emily Coxhead

About The Contributors


If you have emailed The Happy News you will most likely have spoken to Alison, our virtual assistant, chocolate brownie maker and all round wonderful person who keeps Emily’s brain a lot more organised. Alison handles our stockists, all your emails, event bookings, invoices, order enquiries and every fiddly thing in between.


Zabby is editor of The Happy Newspaper and a colour loving creative from London who promotes Girl Power, hunts rainbows and sells fun products from her online shop, inspired by all the things that make her happiest!


Also writing articles for us since the very first edition, Abi is 24-years-old and after graduating in English Language she now works for a national charity. She loves adventure packed holidays and already has a skydive and diving with sharks ticked off her to-do list!


Now in his fourth decade of life’s ups and downs, happily married, and living in Newcastle. With an eclectic palette of interests ebbing and flowing through his life, he tries to stay up-to-speed with the modern world while wistfully reminiscing at every opportunity. He now runs his own nostalgia-based gift business.


Una lives in Glasgow and spends her spare time reading, writing, playing music, keeping a poetry blog and making the most out of life. She is a firm believer in maintaining a positive outlook. Her friends describe her as “happy and sunny!” - Una always tries to see the best in every situation and takes great joy from other’s enjoyment.


With us from the very beginning, writing most of our main feature articles, Gabrielle Treanor is a writer, teacher and worry specialist, sharing how you can free yourself from the burden of overthinking and overworrying. She creates online courses and writes for several publications. Find out more and check out the free wellbeing resource library at


Rebecca is a Yorkshire lass in her 30s, wife to Greg, mother to Kathryn and Casper, author, freelance writer, and charity Board volunteer. She is inspired by the Danish 'hygge' concept of living and enjoys geological hobbies as well all things spiritual and paranormal. Her author website is