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Everyday Heroes

If you know a single person, a group, organisation, charity - in any part of the world - who has done something wonderful or just makes the world a little happier, please let us know by completing the form below. Each nomination will be featured in the Everyday Heroes section, in the next issue of The Happy Newspaper. We will squeeze every nomination into the newspaper because we believe that these people deserve to be celebrated. We can't acknowledge each one as it comes in, but we will be in touch after the issue of the newspaper which includes your nomination, is published.

Featured Everyday Heroes

Jen’s Friends - Heart Pillows for Mastectomies

My sister Jennifer has undergone two mastectomies in the last five years. We now make pillows free of charge to help with the comfort and support of women and men whom have undergone surgery for breast cancer. Find them on Facebook.
– Nominated by Alison Booth

Global Bubble Parade

The global bubble parade is a movement of happiness makers that want to spread some joy around the world using soap bubbles.  The 29th of May of 2016 they will gather in more than 60 cities in the world to increase the awareness about personal well-being and to create a simple action that can make a lot of people happy.
– Nominated by Lina Ruiz

Word Rocks Project/Love Forward List

It was my son’s idea when he was 10. We’ve been painting and spreading rocks with positive words for people to find. After four and a half years doing that we have our #wordrocks scattered all over the world and have also inspired a lot of people to do the same.

If you find a rock with a positive message on or better still write your own – Tag #wordrocks on Instagram!

Every time I get to know about someone who is going through a hard time I send an email to my #loveitforwardlist volunteers explaining what is going on with this person. So they start to shower the the person with affection in the form of letters, cards and a lot of other amazing, lovely things. We now have around 2,000 people around the world doing that. Its really beautiful.

– Nominated by Carol Areas – USA

Everyday Heroes

If you know a single person, group, organisation, charity... Anything, in any part of the world, who has done something wonderful or just makes the world a tiny bit happier, please let us know using the form below so we can feature them in the 'Everyday Heroes' section of The Happy Newspaper.

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