“Calm” A3 Print


“Calm” A3 print as featured in Issue 18 of The Happy Newspaper. Written by the super talented Sophie Powles and illustrated by Emily Coxhead.


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Printed in full colour on a heavyweight stock, 300gsm white recycled board. Please note that recycled boards are not uniform and so the colour and texture of the board can vary slightly from the photos because it is made from recycled material.

It’s hard to stay calm when things feel strange and unsure
When we are going through something we never have before
There’s no right or wrong way to think and feel
when a situation seems scary and unreal
But we can all find a moment in our day
Remembering that things won’t always be this way
To stand and plant our feet on the ground
Think of the good that is happening all around.
Let go of the past. Don’t worry about what lies ahead.
Don’t let ourselves get caught up in worry and dread.
All we have is now.
Try to relax your body and mind.
Right now is a moment of calm to find.

– Sophie Powles for The Happy Newspaper

*Frame not included*