The Happy Newspaper Throwbacks – single copies


We’ve had a sort through our Happy Newspaper stock and we have a bunch of ‘throwback’ newspapers for anybody who missed out or would like to spread the happiness even further!  We know some of you collect them, some of you are new here and would like older copies as well as those who find all sorts of wonderful uses for The Happy Newspaper. We have a limited number of these so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

This product is UK only – Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

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A colourful, 32 page newspaper celebrating only good news!

Some stuff you might want to know about the newspaper:

– Suitable and loved by all ages

– Features news from all over the world

– No boring adverts

– Stitched and trimmed which makes it easier for the young and elderly as it doesn’t fall apart

– Colourful and illustrated

– 26.5 x 34 cm

– Good quality, 54 GSM recycled blend stock – we want The Happy Newspaper to be able to be shared around

Here are the dates covered by each ‘throwback’ issue:

Issue 4: Jun – Aug 2016

Issue 6: Apr – Jun 2017

Issue 7: Jul – Sep 2017

Issue 8: Oct – Dec 2017

Issue 9: Jan – Mar 2018

Issue 10: Apr – Jun 2018

Issue 11: Jul – Sep 2018

Issue 12: Oct – Nov 2018

Issue 13: Dec – Feb 2019

Issue 14: Mar – May 2019


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