“Generosity” A4 Print


“Generosity” A4 print as featured in Issue 20 of The Happy Newspaper. Written by the super talented Sophie Powles and illustrated by Emily Coxhead.


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Printed in full colour on a heavyweight stock, 300gsm white recycled board. Please note that recycled boards are not uniform and so the colour and texture of the board can vary slightly from the photos because it is made from recycled material.

It’s the selfless things you do when no one will see
Expecting nothing in return other than to make someone happy
Listening & simply being there
Letting the ones you love
Know you care.
Checking in on friends, family & neighbours too,
Asking if there’s anything you can do.
You see, we don’t need a lot of money at all.
Generosity is in our actions so secret & small

– Sophie Powles for The Happy Newspaper

*Frame not included*