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The Happy Newspaper does exactly what it says on the tin. While there are other similar movements out there I think that The Happy Newspaper offers a tangible, good old fashioned British approach to world news. I like the fact that it is an actual printed paper. When I received mine I was already smiling – just its arrival put me in a good mood I was looking forward to reading something pleasant for once.

Jon Schaaf
(Middlesex, UK)

When all we seem to hear about is sad stories, heartache and complete devastation going on in the world, it’s SO good to read a whole newspaper full to the brim of happy news and totally inspiring people! A perfect way to start the day!

(N.Yorkshire, UK)

I adore your philosophy of happiness, it's so refreshing! As a chronically sick and disabled single mum you'd think that happiness is far away, but I live life looking for blessings, it's the best approach I've found for my mental health. So having your newspaper to peruse when I'm feeling less positive (and your other goodies - I particularly love my happy jar) is fabulous! Thank you for keeping happiness at the heart of our family - With love, Sue

(Parbold, UK)

Wow. Wow. WOW! I just got the first issue of The Happy News from @emilycoxhead all the goodness from 2015. A genius idea to spread the good vibes! I hope to see #thehappynewspaper in every news agency across the world.

(Byron Bay, Australia)

In a world torn apart by tragedy, there are so many things out there that make us lose our faith in humanity, but I am so proud to say I am part of a movement to restore some of it. Let's try and end 2015 on a positive note and start 2016 on a better one.

(Manchester, UK)

In a world not always full of good news, this is a little bundle of joy!

(Liverpool, UK)

I just wanted to send you a message to applaud this endeavour. As a society we’ve grown into this giant, slathering organism, one that is quick to chastise those for doing something wrong, yet apathetic in applauding the people who stand-up and highlight what is right with the world – and there are a lot of people, organisations and events that fall into that category. I understand there has to be bad for good to exist, the old Yin Yang philosophy, but why should the Yang be relegated to the '…and finally…’ and the Yin allowed to run rampant. News has to be informative, and under no circumstances should the current state of the world be ignored, but that shouldn’t mean we neglect the driving force behind these events: they make people feel. So I stand and applaud you for finding your feet in the tide of negativity. I stand and applaud you for not only attempting to float, but also building a raft so large that others will float alongside you.

Neil Tillbrook
(Northampton, UK)

This is incredible. What I really love about it, typically newspapers use boring black font but aesthetically this is really really cool… It has your whole character, it’s brilliant. There are stacks and stacks of articles too.

Justin Smith Uzomba
(London, UK)

So chuffed my copy of #thehappynewspaper came today. @emilycoxhead has smashed it with this one. A beautifully designed collection of positive, uplifting stories. We need more stuff like this in the world.

Sam Nahirny
(Nottingham, UK)

There's no better way to start the New Year than with some Happy News! This just arrived from London. Thank you @emilycoxhead for the wonderful package and for brightening my day with all the colors and positive thoughts!


Reading through this has made me super grateful for everything that's happened this year, it's nice to remember that even though there are a lot of bad things going on in the world right now, there are still some people who will go out of their way to make the world a better place.

(Maidstone, UK)

I actually screamed when #thehappynewspaper came through my door! This is just everything we love and exactly what we are trying to do at #Ittybittybookco - Promoting positivity, focusing on the good/happy/awesome to help balance out some of the negative we get overloaded with daily! So the biggest of shoutouts and a huge recommendation to go buy this amazing newspaper! It's bursting with all the happy news that'd fit in from 2015 from around the world, real news - just happy.


Muy recomendable el happy newspaper que me ha descubierto @teaplusbooks!!! Siempre es bueno fijarse en las buenas noticias… Happy Weekend!

(Madrid, Spain)