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1. Effective Date and Term

This Agreement shall be effective as of the date and time the Content is submitted to Us.

The term of this Agreement is perpetual.

2. Terminology

You/Your: relates to the submitter of Content.

We/Us/Our: The Happy News by Emily Coxhead and any associated parent or affiliate company.

Content: all forms of media (including but not limited to writing, video, photographs) provided to Us via the online form for which this agreement is linked/associated.

Media Platforms: all media platforms now known or hereinafter devised, including but not limited to printed publications, website, and social-media platforms.

Submissions Form: the online form You have completed and attached Content to.

3. General Terms

By submitting Content, You and We enter into the Agreement outlined herein. By ticking the box on the associated Submission Form you accept that you have read and agree to the following terms and that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under 18 you must have permission from a parent or guardian before submitting the associated form and supporting Content.

You acknowledge that:
  1. You have the authority to enter into this Agreement;
  2. You either own or control the rights to the submitted Content;
  3. The Content does not infringe the rights of others;
  4. The Content provided is factually correct to the best of Your knowledge;
  5. You have not falsely identified/represented the creators and/or people or elements featured within the Content;
  6. There will be no compensation and/or royalties provided to You for Our right to use the Content as outlined in this Agreement.

4. Exclusivity

You acknowledge that:
  1. You will not submit the Content to any other party;
  2. You will not enter any commercial agreement with regards to the Content with any other party;
  3. We will have the exclusive right to use the Content subject to the terms of this Agreement.

5. Ownership Rights

Subject to the rights outlined in this Agreement, You otherwise retain all ownership of the Content. As such you retain the right to use the Content for Your personal use including by featuring the Content on your personal Media Platforms. If You represent a business, then these same rights apply with regards to Media Platforms owned and controlled by that business.

6. Grant of Rights

You hereby grant Us permission to use the Content in whichever way we deem fit including but not limited to use across all Media Platforms owned or controlled by Us, throughout the world. Subject to the details submitted on the Submissions Form being correct, we endeavour, but are not required to, tag and/or credit You or whomever is represented in the Content.

Providing You have ticked the relevant statements on the Submissions Form, we may contact You with regards to the Content to request further assets or information in relation to the Content. All correspondence will be conducted over email and in such cases, any further Content provided to us in Your responses will hold the same rights as outlined herein.

We reserve the right to use the Content in its raw form, but we may also edit the Content or otherwise depict the Content through other means including but not limited to illustration and video, as we deem fit. Your submission of the Content in no way obligates Us to use/share the Content, the Content shared on Our Media Platforms is at our sole discretion.

Given our exclusive right to share the Content we reserve the right to include a watermark or logo of any kind on the Content, to associate the Content with Our brand and Media Platforms.

7. Harmful Content

If We deem the Content submitted to be of an illegal, harmful of offensive nature, We will report the Content and You to the relevant authorities.