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Phone Box Transforms Into Coffee Shop

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Birmingham based entrepreneur, Jake Hollier, decided to put what is a typically unused city centre phone box to good use, by transforming it into the city’s smallest coffee shop! There is just about enough space to fit a coffee machine and a couple of pastries inside the booth. There is a small outdoor seating area but the majority of customers are passing commuters.

Jake’s phonebox is also the first café in Birmingham to offer the pay it forward initiative, whereby a customer can pay in advance for an extra cup of tea which a homeless person can come and pick up.

This venture is just one of Jake’s plans to help the homeless. Jake is currently trying to raise £50,000 for ‘Jakes jobs for the homeless’ scheme, with the aim to gather enough funds to open up a café which is run by homeless people, with enough money left over to also provide them with safe accommodation.

Jake said, “This is killing two birds with one stone, they can’t get a job as they have no address, and they don’t have a home due to unfortunate circumstances, mental health issues and so forth. I want to help a large group of people get back on their feet, and once there they can continue to work for me or move on to another career. They will be gaining new skills and qualifications whilst in my employment, as well as a safe place to live.

The money will be spent setting up appropriate accommodation, setting up a course for the homeless community, as well as hiring the correctly qualified people to look after the homeless staff’s state of mind (those with mental health issues, ex-servicemen etc.)” We’ll update you with Jake’s progress in the next issue.

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