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Museum Of Happiness

Museum of Happines
16th-18th January saw the world’s first pop-up Museum of Happiness take place in Spitalfields Market, London. The not-for-profit event was an incredible success, bringing in an outstanding 6,000 people over the three days! “We wanted to create a platform where people could come together and explore the science and art of happiness in a fun and creative way… A museum is a great platform for that, a museum is all about education – about learning something new – learning about happiness”.

This wonderful event held different workshops every half an hour for everybody and anyone to get involved in, from Bollywood dancing, a ball pool, laughter yoga, a silent disco and many talks throughout each day. It seems we have access to a lot of information about happiness, there are a lot of books you can read about the science behind happiness but there aren’t many places where you can actually go and experience happiness.

I had the absolute pleasure of attending one of the afternoons to talk a little bit about The Happy Newspaper and hand out copies, I had no idea what to expect but it went above and beyond what I imagined. Once you were inside one of the gazebos, learning Bollywood dancing with a group of strangers – You completely forgot you were in the middle of busy London on a freezing cold Monday afternoon. As I looked around there were a whole range of people, from young children to the elderly… Every single one of them smiling as if they had absolutely no troubles in their world for those few hours, and that’s what it’s all about. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, entry to the MOH and everything it has to offer is donation based, making it accessible to all. The team are hoping to start with a series of different events before launching The Museum of Happiness as a permanent fixture in London. To keep up to date with all of their info/events:

Illustrated by: Annie Lawrenson

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