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A Human Bean’s Alphabetical Guide To Charitable Disorder




The Late, Great Mr Roald Dahl.

Following on from our feature on Roald Dahl 100, which covered the celebrations that have occurred and are occurring in 2016 to honour the Beloved Author’s 100th birthday, a Wonderful Dahlicious Alphabet has been put together by Michelle Wood, to encourage all of us to increase Happiness by engaging in Charitable acts!

Scientific studies have shown that one of the best things we can do in order to improve happiness is to make others around us happy. September the 13th 2016 marked the anniversary of what would have been Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday. So why not plan a buckswashling Roald Dahl event, spread the hopscotchiness, and support his marvelous charity that benefits seriously ill children. It’s as easy as ABC!


A is for the absolutely squiffling feeling of pleasure you will experience when you realize just how good it is to give. Imagine a cosy, flickering glow that will nudge from within, spreading its warmth upwards and outwards… If this sounds delumptious and you fancy injecting some fun into fundraising, then take a gogglers at the 21 splendifourous activities inspired by the Roald Dahl stories that children everywhere have come to know and love.


B is for the bottled dreams that the BFG blows into the bedrooms of chiddlers.

Relax with some daydream believing, lounge around with your friends in your PJ’s and indulge in some dahlightful movie magic. Don’t forget a mouthwatering feast and lots of gobblefunk to help get the slumber party started.


C is for the most incredible chocolate factory ever. Be a Charlie and organize your very own golden ticket treasure hunt. Lucky winners could then take part in a Great British, wonkalicious, chocolatey creation challenge.


D is for Danny, champion of the world who receives a ‘soapo’ for his eighth birthday – an ingenious machine made of soapboxes and bike wheels that any would-be racing driver would be proud of. Get your cogs whirring and build the most wonderweirdful creation to enter into the next super, soapo shakedown.


E is for Esio Trot. What no gastropods? Feeling sluggish? Then get out in the garden and track down some testudo. Place them in a small red circle in the middle of a round table and you are ready, set, go for some gnicar lians ymils!


F is for Fantastic Mr. Fox whom Bogus, Bunce and Bean solemnly swear not to go home until they have strung him up “dead as a dingbat”. Why not outwit this terrible trio by holding an auction of promises? Encourage folk to offer their skills and services – it could be as simple as a bedtime story. Then let the bidding begin.


G is for George’s Marvelous Medicine. Feeling blue? Let your creative juices flow, get slushy with the shakers and start inventing the elixir for life. Grown ups may wish to get a little cheeky – imagine Tom Cruise and cocktails…


H is for Henry Sugar, a wealthy man who wins a large fortune in one night. Dust off your dahlicious dress up clothes and reinvent yourself as Miss Trunchbowl or Willy Wonka for a whoopsey-splunker night of high drama at the casino. Whether you’re shouting “bingo!” or “blackjack!” you’re sure to be a winner.


I is for index fingers that are magic. Conjure up an evening of magical mayhem filled with oodles of Ochus Bochus. Whether you aspire to be the next Dynamo, Derren Brown or simply Sooty, what are you waiting for? “Izzy wizzy – lets get busy!”


J is for James and the Giant Peach. Whatever the weather in September, inside or out, there is no denying that life’s a peach. Express your gratitude with a 24-hour, shade wearing, flipflopathon.


K is for Knids. Don’t be a knid for kindness sake! They are shape shifting, vindictive beasts to say the least. Remember to enthuse, participate, donate, nominate, pledge, sponsor, charge and collect. Whether its pennies or pounds, it doesn’t matter what you raise because you are doing a simply wondercrump thing to benefit human beans less fortunate than you.


L is for Little Billy and his magical trip into the forest. Do you believe in Minpins? Roald Dahl does and he encourages you to “watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.” So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera, a bag for life and a list of items to scavenge and enter the woods if you dare. Look out for Grunchers, squirrels, robins, swallows, blackberries and snozzberries, You never know… you might even spot a Minpin!


M is for Matilda, the clever yet lonely girl who knows only too well what a bad day feels like. But with a little help from her friends, she finds the courage to fight back. How many random acts of kindness can you complete in one day? You’ll be flabberstounded by how good it feels.


N is for Notsobig, a crocodile not to be confused with the enormous one. It’s best not to get friendly with crocodiles whatever their size but on this occasion why not invite your mates over for an evening of crocomedy? Encourage lots of razor sharp wit from willing crocodile comedians and risk smiling at Mister crocodile.


O is for Outer space travel in glass elevators. Last call for all surfers. Ditch all technology and embark on a mini digital break instead. Teenagers – would you dare let your parents take over your social media for the day? Gruncious!


P is for Pelly, the giraffe and me. Sweet-talk local shops to find out if they are willing to donate any lipswishy treats. Bag them up, create some crazy name labels such as nishnobblers and gumglotters then sell them in your very own pop up sweet shop.


Q is for the question that drove the “big and wonderfully clever pig” in Dirty Beasts “round the bend”. Love Dahl, Dick King Smith and Donaldson? Or maybe you’re an addict like Mike Teavee. Let the chase begin. Plan some time to Oompa-Loompa around and get quizzical!


R is for revolting recipes that families could prepare for an autumnal progressive picnic. Gather in the garden (just in case of rain!) and serve sweet and savory dahlights on separate blankets. You could even entertain your gobble munchers with a recital of revolting rhymes.


S is for Solo. It’s all about you! Go solo for 12 hours and snap a selfie on the hour, every hour. (Assuming you have regained control of your social media – phew!) Post your pics and spread the word.


T is for Twits. To beard or not to beard… Did you know that Roald Dahl found facial hair disgusting?  Whether you find beards dirty or dahlightful, this hair-raising challenge could be the fundraiser for you. Experience a close shave or a hairy encounter and Septembeard could reveal faces as smooth as babies’ bottoms, some covered with soft, peachy fuzz and those that simply look like a Twit!


U is for unbelievable! Who would have ever thought that there were this many umpteen ideas to get stuck into and enjoy whilst raising money for such a marvelous cause?


V is for the Vicar of Nibbleswicke who suffers from back-to-front dyslexia. Maybe you know someone like the Vicar and the BFG who finds words to be “oh such a twitch-tickling problem”. Roald Dahl was passionate about helping children with dyslexia so why not host a backwards party? Simply do all the things you would normally do… backwards.


W is for the witches that Luke and his grandmother must try to eliminate in order to save all the children in the world. Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity is not just about the money. How about a short spell of volunteering your skills and talents in order to make life a little more charmed for someone less fortunate than you are?


X is for the 29,000 plastic xanthous coloured ducks that capsized into the Pacific Ocean in 1992 and spent 15 years floating half way around the world. Roald Dahl’s favourite colour was yellow and this absolutely quacking fact would most certainly have been added to his ever-growing collection. Sadly, he died in 1990 but why not honour this splashtastic story and hold the first ever Dahly Duck race on your local river?


Y is for the youthful memories captured by Roald Dahl in his autobiography “Boy”. Would you have ever thought it possible to write over 600 letters in 32 years to your Mum? Roald Dahl did and he never knew until much later that she secretly kept every one of them! So if you fancy a little less energetic way to make a difference then why not write a letter to a loved one and spread the word for your good cause. Everyone loves snail mail but remember… Mum’s the word!


Z is for zozimus, the stuff dreams are made of. Whether you wish to slumber or race for Roald Dahl’s marvelous children’s charity, turn those dreams into reality and start ganderflanking!


Written by the fabulous Michelle Wood


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  • Jackie Bowers says:

    Thank you so much for this Michelle!
    I have never realized that Roald Dahl was the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or James and the Giant Peach either! Those were both two of my kid’s and mine favorite movie’s!!
    And we’ve always been involved in charity work’s, since all three of the girl’s were little. Whether it was feeding and clothing the homeless in Downtown Seattle on Cherry Street to taking in rescue dog’s to handing out Christmas presents to the low-income families. (We handed out everybody else’s before we got our own every year)
    I’ve always tried to teach my girl’s that no matter how “broke” we were, we were NEVER poor. Nobody is as long as they have someone to share it with, or someone else to help along.
    But, that’s just my opinion. For what it’s worth.
    Thanks for the list. I ? your idea’s!

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