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70-year-old Woman Soothes Young Man With A Simple And Fearless Display Of Compassion

On a train in Vancouver, an incredibly brave and empathetic woman took the hand of a young man in great distress and warmly diffused an incredibly volatile situation.

Ehab Taha, the man that captured the moment believes that the man was suffering from drug abuse and/or mental health issues and when the man began swearing, moving erratically and wielding a pen as a weapon, naturally, many people’s self preservation instincts kicked in and most people moved away hurriedly. However, in the midst of the panic an unnamed lady reached her hand towards him purposefully, he took it and instantly calmed down, sitting on the floor for 20 minutes until his stop. At that point, he got up with tears in his eyes, said “thank you Grandma” and left. Afterwards the woman simply said “I’m a mother and he needed someone to touch… and for me it was important that he didn’t feel alone”.

Ehab Taha snapped a picture of them holding hands after being deeply moved by what he’d seen, and shared it with his friends on Facebook. Since then the impact of the lady’s kindness has dramatically increased and her selfless act was shared by an innumerable amount of people on all social networking sites – earning the somewhat coveted front page on reddit. This simple show of compassion towards someone struggling with life is something we can all learn from and I’m sure with this small but poignant act she has inspired others, including myself, to place love over fear whenever possible.

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