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Blake Pyron is the youngest business owner in his home town of Sanger, Texas. His mother said “Society tells us that Blake shouldn’t have a job, and for sure he shouldn’t own his own business… Do not let society cloud your expectations for your child”.

Blake previously worked at a restaurant – which he loved – whilst in high school, but it shut down after he graduated. He missed working and being in an environment where he was able to chat with customers. There were very little jobs in his town, especially for people with special needs so his family helped him set up ‘Blake’s Snow Shack’, it’s already been a huge hit with his community after opening May 7th.

Blake, who will be responsible for customer service, will act as one of the owners and president of the company. His parents will act as co-owners, and Tanner Maples, a 15-year-old neighbour, will be Blake’s employee. Blake’s Mum told ABC she wants to “personally challenge moms to believe in their child. No matter what society tells you.

Good Job Blake! You’re proof that no matter what challenges we face, and no matter what people tell us – if we want something enough we can work at it and reach our dreams.

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  • Jenny Waldensi says:

    Thanks for this wonderful article about Blake Pyron’s Snow Shack. It’s beautiful how their hometown is responding to support the Pyron family, and its about time more positive light was shed on Down’s Syndrome people. Going to share this piece of Happy News with some friends behind bars…they are always encouraged to hear of good things happening “outside the Wall.” Thanks again.

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