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When is your last posting day for Christmas 2019?

Our last posting day for product orders is Wednesday 18th December 2019.  We do not offer any guarantees that items will arrive before Christmas.

When were the December 2019 issues posted?

All our international orders were posted on Dec 2nd, all our UK orders were posted on Dec 4th and 5th and all our Gift Subscriptions were posted on Dec 5th and 6th. They can take a while to arrive just by the nature of the global posting system but we absolutely 100% posted all 21,000 of them.

Once we pop them in the post we can’t tell you when they will arrive as it is very much out of our control at that point.  If your newspaper has been undelivered for over 4 weeks please let us know.

If I subscribed on or BEFORE 25th November 2019 when will I receive my order?

You will receive Issue 16, which will be shipped out the first week in December 2019. UK orders can take up to a couple of weeks and international orders can sometimes take longer so please try and be patient!

If I subscribed AFTER 25th November 2019 which issue will I receive?

You will receive Issue 17, which is published March 1st 2020! You can purchase 5 or 10 copies of past issues here though if you’d like to share some happiness or check out our list of stockists to see if there’s a shop near you stocking the latest issue of The Happy Newspaper.

Why have I not received my newspaper?

The Happy Newspaper is a quarterly subscription, which means we publish and post newspapers out once every three months, therefore you may not receive your newspaper straight after you subscribe. See the dates below:

Issue 14– all subscriptions ordered after Feb 25 2019  and before May 25 2019 will receive issue 14 – published 1 June 2019 and posted the following week
Issue 15– all subscriptions ordered after May 25 2019 and before August 25 2019 will receive Issue 15 – published 1 Sept 2019 and posted the following week
Issue 16– all subscriptions ordered after August 25 2019  and before November 26 2019 will receive Issue 16 – published 1 Dec 2019 and posted during the following week.  Please bear in mind that Christmas postal services globally are overun and working to do their best to get everything to everyone.

Issue 17– all subscriptions ordered after Nov 25 2019  and before Feb 25 2020 will receive issue 17 – to be published 1 March 2020 and posted during following week.

I keep getting an error message when I subscribe?

Please contact: and we will try and get back to you to sort this very soon.

Will you do a bulk pack of all the past issues?

Hopefully one day we will do a limited run of past issues but we haven’t got it all figured out yet so we’ll keep you posted on this! Make sure you’re signed up to the newsletter to receive updates about this sort of stuff.

Where can I get all the other Happy News products (cards/mugs/stationery etc)?

We don’t sell these ourselves at the moment but are looking into an online shop, watch this space! You can find a lot of The Happy News cards here and on Moonpig. The Happy News products are currently available on John Lewis, Amazon, Boots, Live Spiffy and more! Look out for the bright yellow ‘happy news’ logo on cards and products.

Can I contribute to THN?

If you know a person, campaign, charity, organisation or anything that you’d like to tell us about to be featured in THN, please nominate them as an ‘Everyday Hero’. If you would like to write or illustrate for the newspaper please do get in touch, however due to high demand we aren’t always able to reply to every email, but we always do our absolute best! (and we keep all emails on file in case we need you in the future)

Can I interview you about The Happy Newspaper?

I always try to answer as many questions as I can (on email and instagram) about The Happy Newspaper, however due to the time it often takes I’m not always able to answer individual questions or always complete full interviews but please do get in touch and we’ll try and get back to you with an answer ASAP.

Please find existing interviews with Emily here.

Can I buy a newspaper and get in sent straight to a friend/loved one?

Of course! We love when this happens, what better way to make someone smile than to surprise them with some happy news through their letterbox. You can purchase a Gift Subscription here – remember to put their shipping address not yours!

Can I buy a bulk load of happy newspapers for my school/cafe/shop?

Yes please! You can buy 5 or 10 copies here, or for wholesale and/or chairty/schools please get in touch.